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Everyone wants his or her wedding to be perfect and personal.  After spending months choosing the perfect dress and finding the ideal venue, you want your flowers to be just as magnificent.  However, finding the perfect bouquet, boutonniere, and table arrangements can frighten even the most steadfast bride.  These 10 wedding flower tips are sure to make your day spectacular!

  1. First Things First

In order to create a seamless look to the day, you want to be sure you have chosen both your dress and your venue before choosing wedding flowers.  Having pictures of these to share with your florist will help both of you choose the correct shape and design for the bridal bouquet and the wedding floral arrangements.  Let your wedding venue be your guide for the floral selection. For a more formal setting, a bouquet that has softer colors and a simple design will not detract from the beauty of the location.  For a more casual affair, use flower arrangements that are bolder in color and design.  A simple rule of thumb is to remember that if the dress and venue are simple, the flowers should be dramatic, and visa versa.  When choosing the boutonniere, choose the predominant flower from the bouquet or a flower that compliments the color or shape of your bouquet.

  1. Size Matters

You want to highlight your waist when choosing your bridal bouquet, since this is the tiniest part of your figure.  Make sure your bouquet doesn’t hide any of the beautiful details of the wedding dress you spent months searching for.  Pair a dress with intricate details on the front with a simple bridal bouquet so the gown shines.  If your dress has more detailing on the back, or has a train, mimic that with long ribbons or a cascading bouquet.

  1. In Season is Best

If you have your heart set on carrying lilies, but your wedding is in January, be prepared to pay more to have them in your wedding floral arrangements.  Flowers that are in season are more cost effective and will add ambiance to the wedding.  Talk to your florist to find out what flowers are in season – you’d be surprised at the variety of offerings! 

  1. Consider Color Carefully

Choose colors for your bridal bouquet that accent those of the season, the dress, and the décor of the venue.  Bringing a swatch of the dress material to your florist will be a big help in making sure your flowers accentuate your theme.

  1. Add a Personal Touch

Do you have Grandma’s favorite broach?  Dad’s lucky pocket watch? A flower that holds special or symbolic meaning to you?  Add these personal items to the base of the bridal bouquet or within the bouquet to make your flower arrangement sentimental and one-of-a-kind.  Including small details like rhinestones or glitter to the bouquet will catch the light and make for stunning photographs.  Find inspiration from your wedding venue – using seashells for a beach wedding or birch branches for a rustic venue add atmosphere without breaking the bank.  

  1. Weigh Your Options

Your bridal bouquet is something you will hold for hours during your ceremony, the photographs, and parts of the reception.  You want to make sure the bouquet is easy to hold with one hand and isn’t going to weigh you down.  You can even ask your florist to include a small handle or loop for you.

  1. Know Your Nose

Do you or any member of your wedding party have serious allergies?  Make sure that your big day isn’t interrupted with a sneezing, sniffling bride, groom, or member of the bridal party.  Even without allergies, the scents of certain flowers can be overwhelming after a while.

  1. Remember Your Budget

Flowers can get expensive very quickly.  Keeping your arrangements to 2-3 types of flowers helps prevent your flowers from overtaking your entire wedding budget.  With such a wide variety of flowers from which to choose, it can be easy to get caught up in the beauty of all of them.  Mixing a few must-have flowers with a low-cost option like baby’s breath can help you get the most out of your arrangements.

  1. All-Purpose Flowers

If you have large flowers for your bride’s maids to carry down the aisle, consider reusing them during the reception.  A few well-placed columns can make gorgeous stands for these bouquets.  Plus, this will help to clear some space at the dinner table!  Transform the cake stand by adding your ceremony flowers to the base for another show-stopping moment.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Guests

Although it might be tempting to opt for table arrangements that explode with flowers, remember your guests want to see each other and what’s happening around them.  Smaller, delicate flowers for the table with lighting accents or surrounded by personal trinkets create a more intimate atmosphere, while a high centerpiece adds drama while allowing conversations to flow across the table.