Winter weddings are popular for several reasons—they may cost less, allow for different types of wedding attire not suitable for summer affairs, enable those who loves winter weather to (with any luck) enjoy a backdrop of fresh powder, dramatic icicles, and snow-covered trees. The season is also popular for ski bunnies looking to get married at a winter resort. So, for all you cold-weather wedding couples, we bring you the hottest winter wedding trends for 2017!

Cool Styles

Winter wedding photographyWinter brides can get away with details like sleeves or high necklines without risking overheating, and will doubtless enjoy wearing full skirts and tons of tulle. Prefer sleeveless, strapless style? No problem! Simply top your gown a cozy wrap, fur stole, or even a leather jacket, which you can ditch once you get to your indoor reception. Sumptuous fabrics like velvet and suede make an appearance on winter grooms and groomsmen this year.

Love two different looks? Both brides and grooms should feel free to swap outfits before the reception. Think luxurious layers and heavyweight textiles for outdoor photos, and lighter attire to wear later at your reception. For bridesmaids, venture beyond solid colors—long, floral-print gowns are in this winter! Just be sure to choose fabrics that feature deeply colored wintery blooms, rather than bright, cheery summer flowers. Girls, you should glam up your jewelry, too, with frosty-looking diamonds, shimmery pearls, and richly colored jewels. We promise your photos will look stunning!

Frosty Flowers

Believe or not, frozen florals are a 2017 winter wedding trend. That’s right—flowers that are completely frozen in ice sculptures are a thing. A ridiculously impressive, incredibly dramatic thing. Be prepared to pay a pretty penny to have these stunning sculptures at your event, though. It takes a great deal of patience and talent to freeze the flowers, then freeze water around them with remarkable clarity (and not a single air bubble). We think you’ll agree that the results are worth it, though!  What sorts of colors work best for winter wedding blooms? We love icy blues, Christmas-y reds and greens, frosted branches and berries, vivid jewel tones, and, of course, winter whites!

Let Them Eat Cake

This season’s winter wedding desserts bring new meaning to the term “icing,” which get the gold treatment this year with metallic-colored icing drizzled on cakes and other confections for a decadent look. Another cold-weather treat to consider is a cake covered in sugar-frosted fruit slices. You could also go dark and dramatic (and delicious!) with chocolatey cakes topped with cold-weather flowers or white-sugar snowflakes. What goes best with all these delectable desserts? A hot chocolate bar, of course!

A Few Other Ways to Winterize Your Wedding

Other top winter wedding trends for 2017 include calligraphy on EVERYTHING (not just the invites, but also on ceremony programs, signage, and menu cards. You could also incorporate evergreens into the décor (and not just during the month of December!), give away cute, cozy blankets as wedding favors, and include a few winter-themed drinks like hot toddies, Irish coffee, Kahlua hot chocolate, hot buttered rum, mulled wine, and winter sangria.

We hope you’ve found some winter wedding trends for 2017 that help you celebrate your big day in style! Still need a photographer for your cold-weather event? Give us a call at Craig Collins Photography – 973-335-1505! We love winter weddings!