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This Fall’s Wedding Trends Are Picture-Perfect

Fall weddingResplendent Fall Hues: Fall’s hottest colors include traditional autumn hues such as deep plum and rich burgundy. Muted accents in toned-down versions of favorite colors (think dusky blue or frosted blush) as well as neutral colors like ivory round out a color palette that’s decidedly reminiscent of the Victorian era. Adding more visual interest to these understated autumnal color schemes are metallic accents (copper is a fall favorite). Gone are the stark whites, basic blues, and regular reds of weddings past.

The Dress: The vintage trend continues when it comes to fashion-forward wardrobe choices that are actually throwbacks to bygone eras. Sleeves, are coming back in a big way, adding interest and warmth to fall gowns. Whether the sleeves are made of ornate lace or are attached to cashmere cardigans or military-style, body-skimming jackets, they are here to stay for the brisk fall wedding season. If you plan to don a sweater, choose one that either perfectly matches or beautifully contrasts with your wedding dress. You also might consider an art-deco dress with a Gatsby-esque vibe, replete with fanciful feathers and vintage beading.

Fall weddingHead to Toe: Many fall brides are opting to skip the veil in favor of a rustic wedding crown constructed of twigs, tiny leaves, and small flowers (you can ask your florist to create one for you). The hottest fall wedding trend in makeup? Ask for a simple application with minimal makeup, but add a pop of color with a bold lipstick shade (be sure to add some to your wedding clutch for touchups!). And don’t forget to add personal touch to your wedding footwear by choosing an unexpected shoe such as a fancy oxford. For rustic weddings, we also love the trend of wearing broken-in cowboy boots that juxtapose perfectly with your fancy wedding dress!

Just Desserts: In the days before fancy fondant cakes came on the scene, many brides and grooms chose to dress up their cakes with (real!) flowers, interesting textures, and yummy toppings such as creamy caramel and berry compote. These dreamy cakes are easy on the eyes, with clean lines and simple garnishes such as fresh flowers and greenery. Conspicuously absent are the sugary flowers and ornate adornments of wedding cakes that were once a mainstay of wedding celebrations. This year’s fall wedding confections also follow the recent trend toward smaller wedding cakes, as more couples choose to round out their after-dinner offerings with an array of seasonal dessert choices and gourmet coffee bars.

Farm-Fresh Food: Farm-to-table menus still rule the day, especially at fall weddings. Locally sourced ingredients come together in rustic soups and vibrant salads, leading up to delicious main courses that feature organic meats and wild-caught fish along with bright, fresh takes on side dishes. More and more couples are opting to add personal touches to their wedding menus by designing “create-your-own” food and drink bars, featuring a variety of both seasonal and unexpected selections. Imagine a Mexican-themed wedding with a taco bar and make your-own margarita station or a gourmet and dessert coffee stand staffed a professional barista and flambé cook!

Wild About Décor: Fresh-picked, wild-looking bouquets that appear thrown together but are really artfully arranged still reign this fall. Go for twigs and berries, in-season greenery, or even small branches with (fall’s changing) leaves still attached. If you prefer flowers, seasonal choices such as richly hued dahlias are very on-trend for this fall’s wedding season. When it comes to table décor, taller is better—and for good reason. Towering arrangements are visually stunning and add a level of drama to the atmosphere. They also help facilitate the flow of conversation among your guests. Rather than having to peer around large, table-level displays, your guests can enjoy both the dramatic visuals above them and the friendly, fun conversation around them! Blackboards and mirrors are still very in, with the former adding a rustic touch and the latter lending itself to a glittering, Gatsby-inspired affair.

What are your favorite fall wedding trends for 2017? Let us know in the comments below. We’re always searching for new inspiration! And if you haven’t already booked your photographer for this fall, contact us at Craig Collins Photography at 973-335-1505 today, as we may still have a slot or two open!