Summer wedding season is almost here!  If you want your wedding to be on-trend this season, you must check out these 7 sizzling tips.

1. Go Bold, or Go Home

The pastel kick of years past is out and the new trend is a complete 180.  Big, strong colors are trending for this summer. You do, though, want to be sure you don’t add too many colors or your wedding will start to resemble a circus.  Ultra violet is this year’s big color and black accents make a bold statement. Use one or two bold colors with black or a neutral accent.

2. It’s All About You!

Every wedding has a theme, but this summer’s hot wedding trend is to personalize that theme.  Having a beach wedding? Add elements from your favorite shore destination. Going rustic? Use mementos from your favorite mountain lodge.  You can also use your honeymoon as inspiration. Get excited for the big trip by adding flowers from your upcoming getaway. This summer, the best theme is you!

3. Innovative Invites

Everyone loves getting a wedding invitation in the mail.  Make yours stand out with this year’s summer trends. Brides are opting for inverted color schemes using at least one bold color.  Instead of using electric blue lettering on a cream background, consider flipping it around. Or, design your RSVP cards to be the reversed version of the invitation.  Additionally, more and more brides are choosing to add creative accents to their summer wedding invitations. Fabric, wood, and perspex are sure to make your invitation one of a kind!  If you’re using these on the invites, make sure you find a way to incorporate them into the overall decor!

4. Left-of-Center Pieces

Gone are the days of boring old floral centerpieces resting on the table.  This summer, trending brides are getting creative. Brides are also opting out of traditional vases, and displaying their floral arrangements in hollowed out fruits like watermelon.  Some have even chosen to use fruit as the centerpiece itself. With the bold colors of many summer fruits, your centerpiece will be the sweetest thing on the table. Finally, it’s not just for Christmas any more – the wedding wreath is in!  Brides are using the local, seasonal greenery to create wedding wreaths to adorn the inside and outside of the reception area.

5. Cooling Cocktails

Nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer day than a cool drink.  And, after hours of standing in the sun snapping the perfect wedding pics, you and your party will definitely want to cool down.  The trend for summer signature cocktails is the wine smoothie. This delicious drink combines the cool, thirst-quenching aspect of a smoothie with your favorite wine.  There are endless combinations of smoothies from which to choose – from the classic Moscato with berries, to the more daring Raspberry Chocolate – the more inventive, the better!  Many of these smoothies can be made with layered colors, so get creative! Throw a nod to your alma mater’s colors, the theme colors of your wedding, or the flag of your country!

6. Delectable Desserts

No wedding party is complete without a scrumptious dessert.  And, like most of trends for this summer, dessert is getting revamped as well.  This summer, brides are opting for cakes that express the joy of the season. Bold, seasonal flowers adorning cakes will be all over your social media feed this summer.  With all the new, some brides are going way back – back to the bundt. While these may conjure up images of Grandma’s holiday table, the bundt cake is making a huge resurgence for weddings.  They are surprisingly versatile and can be baked or glazed with any flavor imaginable. Finally, some brides are skipping the cake altogether and opting for the dessert table with a twist. Fill your Viennese table with summer-time favorites like ice cream, refreshing frozen fruit, and popsicles.

7. Get the Look

This summer’s hot looks include minimalist styles – light, airy dresses that flow from the body accented with vintage pearls.  For partying outdoors into the evening, brides are also choosing sleek capes to keep warm and fashionable. Think see-through with elaborate trim and accents.  Hair styles are also mimicking the dresses this summer! Let your hair down to flow naturally from your shoulders for the high-impact, no-fuss look. For that pop of color, bright lipstick is trending for this summer’s brides.

Since you’re bound to have the hottest wedding this summer, make sure your pics are just as dazzling.  Craig Collins Photography will capture all of your precious moments big and small. Check out their work at and call today at 973-335-1505 to schedule a consultation with one of New Jersey’s premier wedding photographers.