Benefits-First-look-New-Jersey-Wedding-Photographer-Craig-Collins-Photography_0023The First Look, the moment when the groom sees the bride in a planned moment before the ceremony, has grown in popularity in weddings over the years. It is used as an alternative to the long-held tradition of a groom not seeing his bride until she appears at the start of the aisle.


I personally love a First Look, and here’s why:

1. As most ceremonies are at the reception venue, there is often little time between the ceremony and the reception for photos.

A first look removes the pressure created by working with a short window of time, with a bunch of bridal party members who really want to move on to the party.


2. The first look is far more intimate – just the bride and groom, sharing a private moment between them.

Though you might have your family or bridal party looking on, you get to enjoy this first moment for as long as you want, and the world really does melt away.


3. Everyone is fresh faced and looking their absolute best. 

As the day goes on, hair and makeup can fall victim to the elements like warm weather or wind, and suits and dresses can get a little rumpled.


4. You actually get to enjoy the cocktail hour.

Many couples schedule a cocktail hour to keep their guests entertained while they take photos, but where’s the fun in that? Your cocktail hour is the kickoff to your big party, and you should get to attend, too!


5. It can help with pre-ceremony jitters.

Walking down the aisle – or waiting at the end of it – can be a nerve-wracking moment, and a first look helps you shake off the anxiety before the big moment.


6.The photos created during a first look can be the most moving of your entire day.

When a couple chooses to keep their first look a private moment between only the two of them, they are often more open with their emotions, and more willing to show them.


7. You can get creative.

Your first look isn’t limited to the ceremony or reception venue. Finding a location you love can amp up the drama and beauty of your first look photos, and result in beautifully different images that stand out  from the rest of your wedding photos – both in your memory and in your album.


One last thing – some people believe the groom seeing the bride before the ceremony is bad luck. In fact, the first look springs from an Elizabethan tradition, when arranged marriages were common, and the groom first saw his bride at her parent’s home on the morning of their wedding. From there, they’d join in a joyful parade from their home to the church. Not bad luck at all!


The first look can be a wonderful addition to your wedding day plans. Interested in learning more? Feel free to contact me here.