On a chilly autumn day, Chelsea and Chris were married at the Trinity Methodist Church in Hackettstown, NJ. One of the special things about New Jersey is its rich, historic past and the Trinity Church serves as a great example.

I have been at this church a few times and I’ve always enjoyed shooting weddings here. The sanctuary in which Chelsea and Chris got married was built in 1888. It displays some beautiful elements of Italian gothic architecture; it has stylized high vaulted ceilings and is adorned with gorgeous stained glass windows throughout. The rows of semi-circular pews at the church slope downward as you go from the entrance to the sanctuary toward the altar, so the bride literally walks “down” the aisle! (You can find some more great information about the church on their website.)

Chelsea and Chris were a pleasure to photograph. Chelsea was a very fun bride and we joked around all day. Both she and Chris wanted to do photos at a nearby pumpkin patch, and the photos prove that it was a great idea. It’s always fun when the couple is willing to try something different, these opportunities usually provide for such unique and personal photos.

Speaking of unique and personal, the wedding favors from Chelsea and Chris’ wedding were certainly special. Chelsea’s father is an avid brewer and an assortment of his home-brewed beer were given to guests to take home. Pretty neat, huh?

Once again, congratulations to Chelsea and Chris!