The world of banking is changing – armored glass and barriers are out and open-plan meeting areas and technology are in. How do the banks make this change and then how do they promote it?

Craig Collins Photography recently started working with Wade Ray a planning, design and construction company that works with many commercial clients, including banks on both new build and refurbishment projects. One recent project was for Bank of America where we were brought in to photograph both the exterior and interior of a new bank branch.

From the outside the bank looks a lot like…a bank with the regular entrance, access to an ATM machine and drive-up windows.

But the inside looks very different from a traditional bank with light and airy open offices for formal meetings, a lounge area for informal meetings and plenty of technology to keep waiting clients happy.

We captured the look of the new bank branch emphasizing the more relaxed interiors. These photos will be used both by Wade Ray to promote their work and eventually by Bank of America to entice more clients into the bank.

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