If you’ve recently gotten engaged, congratulations! This is an incredibly exciting time in your shared life together. Today, many couples are choosing to do an engagement photo shoot prior to their big days. Engagement photos offer several benefits: they let you celebrate your new status as an engaged couple, they build anticipation for your actual wedding, and they offer the world (or at least the people in your social media feeds) a glimpse of your personalities, interests, and tastes.

We’ve compiled a few key topics you’ll want to consider as you create your own list of favorite engagement photo ideas.


Where will you hold your engagement photo shoot? There are many settings that might be appropriate for you and your beloved. Here are few thoughts to consider on your quest for engagement photo inspiration:

What time of year is it? If you’re doing your shoot during the colder winter months, this could certainly impact whether you’ll choose an indoor or outdoor setting. If you don’t mind the cold (or are okay with bundling up for your session), a wintry backdrop could serve as a beautiful outdoor setting. You might choose a nearby park, favorite hiking spot, your own backyard, or even a local sledding hill. Prefer not to be outdoors when it’s blustery? The restaurant where you had your first date, your go-to coffee spot, or any building that with interesting architecture could offer the type of look you’re after.

Is it a warmer time of year? You might find engagement photo inspiration in a beautiful local park or landmark, which could make for the dramatic backdrop you’re after. Many couples choose a spot that’s meaningful to them. You might choose the mountain atop which he first popped the question, the lake the two of you love to canoe or kayak on, or even the waterfall you both love to admire while you picnic nearby.

Props, People, and Pets

Props are a great way to inject more of your personality into your engagement photos. If you have a shared interest—it could be anything from cooking to hiking to rock climbing to wine-tasting—you could incorporate some of these articles into your shoot. Love to canoe together? Rather than take photos on the edge of your favorite lake, get right out on the water in your boat!

If you’re both homebodies, bring your engagement photographer right into your living room, and have him or her capture the two of you enjoying coffee on the sofa as you cuddle or even play a board game. Other popular props include blankets (great for those cold-weather shoots), chalkboards upon which you can write the date of your upcoming wedding or other key dates), flowers…and, of course, your engagement ring!

If you and your fiancé have children from previous relationships, incorporating them into at least a few of your engagement shots is a great way to acknowledge not just your shared love of each other, but of your love of and commitment to each other’s children. This engagement photo idea allows you to celebrate the upcoming blending of your two families while bonding as a single unit at the same time!

Have a beloved pet? Feel free to incorporate Fido and Fluffy in your engagement shoot. This is a great way to showcase your love and affection for your pets, especially if you can’t include them in the actual wedding ceremony.

Attire and Action

When you’ve got your setting and your props all planned out, you’ll still to need consider your wardrobe choices. If you have a flair for the dramatic, you might choose very formal or vintage attire. Are you a more laid-back, casual couple? Don jeans and t-shirts or even your coziest flannels. While you should avoid being matchy-matchy, you should choose clothing that complements each other’s attire choices.

Sometimes, the attire might be dictated by your setting or props—if you both love to exercise together, you might choose to dress in some stylish workout gear. If you have plans to take photos in the middle of a snowfall, you’ll probably opt for warm sweaters, boots, and cute knit hats.

Finally, the most important piece of advice we can offer is to simply act naturally—and have fun! Try to forget that the camera is there and simply enjoy being together. Don’t worry if one (or both) of you is a little camera-shy. A seasoned photographer will help you both get into the spirit of things and loosen up so you can capture the look and feel—as well as the memories–you’re after.

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