My wife swears that I never actually asked her to marry me in any special or specific way. The way she tells it I turned up with a ring one day and then we were engaged. I remember it slightly differently but one thing is sure – getting engaged was a lot less complicated “back in the day”. Now engagements as a prelude to marriage have their own schedule and structure not least of which is a photoshoot to capture the happy occasion. Craig Collins Photography offers its clients an engagement photography package as an adjunct to its wedding photography business – here’s the story of a recent engagement photoshoot we did:

Engagement photo Long Branch NJAshley and Dan are getting married next July (2018) and had already selected us as their wedding photographer so taking their engagement photographs was something we were so happy to be a part of.

The location they choose was the beach at Long Branch, New Jersey and by picking a date in September after Labor Day we’d normally be guaranteed of a quiet, scenic backdrop for the photoshoot. If you live in the area you’ll know that the weather in the Northeast has been very mild recently so the day we selected turned out to be very sunny and hot and we were concerned that the selected beach would be crowded. We ended up delaying the engagement photoshoot to a little later in the day to account for possible traffic and we found a spot just off the beaten track that was less crowded. We think it turned out great but more importantly Ashley and Dan thought so too!

Craig Collins NJ engagement photographyWe met Ashley while she was attending the wedding of one of her girlfriends a couple of years ago. We’re so glad that she remembered us and now after taking her engagement portfolio we’re about to complete the circle with her wedding in July. We’re really looking forward to it!

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