Caitlin and Matt were recently featured on the New Jersey Bride Blog as one of their real weddings. You can see the post here. I wanted to share a few of my favorite images from their wedding at the Rock Island Lake Club.

I was so happy to revisit this beautiful day. It was a perfect weather day right at the peak of the fall color. Caitlin and Matt also took the time to arrange their day so we could take full advantage of the location, the light and the color that made all of their photos even more special. I appreciated the fact that this couple was very much in to taking photos and they allotted additional time to do so. That, plus the cooperation of mother nature, made everything go that much smoother photography-wise.

I also loved how much they loved each other, you could see their happiness at being together in every interaction. Caitlin and Matt, it was so nice to “see” you again!