They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. When this was first written in the early 1900’s there was little need for a distinction between a good picture and bad picture and especially not between an amateur photo and a professional one. Discussions of high resolution versus low resolution were still a hundred years away. There are many instances of where using an amateur photograph of an article or product is absolutely fine – when shopping for used items on eBay we probably don’t care whether the photograph is perfectly crisp or well lit. However there are many companies out there today who need to use professional photography to promote or highlight their products or services. Beyond the obvious (clothes modeling, automobile sales, etc.) one profession that really needs professional photography is that of an interior designer.interior design 1

Interior Designers & Professional Photography – perfect together

Interior designers are by their nature selling a very visual service – they’re going to transform a room or a home into a nicer-looking, more appealing environment for their client. And they’re going to use the evidence of those environments to help persuade their next client that they can do the same for them. But a badly lit or poorly composed photograph (the type most amateurs would take and not even notice) can spell disaster because it simply won’t portray their services correctly.interior design 2

Craig Collins Photography is a New Jersey based professional photography company that works with some of NJ’s finest interior designers. This blog post shows the results of a recent photo shoot for one of our best interior design clients – CYS Interior Design from Denville, NJ. CYS tries to design family friendly spaces that can be lived in look rather than a showcase. You can find out more about CYS Design here: 

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Setting the scene

Lighting a scene correctly is of paramount importance when shooting interior rooms and spaces. Wherever possible Craig uses the available light in each space and then supplements it with his own lighting. That lighting can be strobe, incandescent or LED. Craig also tethers his cameras directly to a computer, which enables his clients to see exactly what he’s capturing.  Most interior design photoshoots usually take a few hours because it’s technically shooting a large still life.interior design 4

If you’re an interior designer and you’re looking for a professional photographer to capture your art and help you get your next big client we hope you’ll consider Craig Collins Photography. Call Craig today at 973-335-1505 or use the contact form here.

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