I frequently shoot weddings at the Rock Island Lake Club. They have a beautiful ceremony site that is right on the edge of the water, with sweeping views of the lake and the treelined shores surrounding it. You can imagine autumn paints the scene even more beautiful with foliage colors. Tiffany and Evan both hail from Queens and had chosen to have their big day here to take advantage of the beautiful fall scenery for their late October wedding.

In the past year or so, I have shot more than 20 weddings at the Rock Island Lake Club. Ninety percent of my clients have had the good fortune of nice weather on their wedding day that allowed their ceremonies to take place outside by the lake while the other 10% had their ceremonies at a church. So when I arrived at the venue on a cold and rainy day for Tiffany and Evan’s wedding, I thought the lucky streak had finally come to an end.

The ceremony had already been set up indoors. However, 15 minutes before she was to walk down the aisle, the bride took a gamble and a leap of faith and decided to have the ceremony take place outside whether or not mother nature was going to cooperate. Rock Island Lake Club readily accommodates last minute changes such as this, so the staff quickly moved all the chairs, we grabbed a few umbrellas and some plastic bags to protect our gear, and everybody headed outside. Being a professional means you’re always ready to adapt and to just roll with it!

The moment Tiffany stepped outside, it’s as if the skies smiled upon this special occasion–the clouds parted and the late afternoon sun beamed through the trees. Across the lake, the golden sunlight illuminated the top of the trees, creating a stunning backdrop for the wedding. It was quite a memorable moment to match a special day.

Congratulations, Tiffany and Evan!

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