Every bride wants to look her most beautiful on her wedding day—and in the wedding photography she’ll cherish for years to come. If you’re like most brides, you may want to try a new look, complete with different hair, makeup, and accessories than what you’d wear on a “normal day. To help you achieve just the look your hoping for, we’ve compiled a list of bridal beauty secrets, including bridal hair and makeup tips.

wedding hair styleHair

One of the best ways to get the look you want on your big day is to work with a bridal hair stylist, and that’s why, along with using a makeup pro, it tops our list of wedding photography tips. Not only can a local stylist (we love Styles on Location) help you achieve an elaborate hairstyle, he or she can also ensure your look stays put all night. A bridal stylist will also know just how to best showcase the hair accessories you’ve chosen.

A myriad of trendy hairpieces will help you think beyond the veil for your wedding! Jeweled and beaded headbands, hair chains, hairpins, hair combs, and hair clips (like the ones featured in the images), are available in an endless array of styles.

As tempting as it might be, don’t wash for a day or two before your wedding to allow it build up the natural oils that will make your tresses look shinier and healthier (and make your hair easier for your stylist to work with). Don’t worry—you can still shower—just don’t suds up your locks!


If you plan to wear false eyelashes, be sure to try them out before the big day so you know whether you can tolerate them. If you’re sticking with your natural lashes, waterproof mascara is an absolute must! Get your eyebrows professionally shaped a few days before (this will give your skin time to recover from any plucking or waxing) and then, on your wedding day, don’t forget shade them in with a pencil that matches your hair color.eyes


To prep your skin for the big day, help your skin look its best and ensure makeup and tanner goes on evenly by first exfoliating a body scrub and applying plenty of moisturizer.

Many brides find that the excitement—and, yes, the stress—of planning a wedding can cause poorly timed breakouts. While a good makeup artist will be able to cover any small blemishes, you may want to visit your dermatologist for a cortisone injection in the event a major spot sprouts too close to your big day. The steroid can quickly and dramatically shrink the size of a large or very noticeable pimple.


One of the top wedding photography tips we can offer is that you use bridal makeup artist on your wedding day. Local pros like Samantha Linn know just how much and what type of makeup to apply so that you look stunning both on camera and in person.makeup

Before you apply makeup, don’t forget SPF moisturizer. Even if you’re outside only for a short time on your wedding day, you run the risk of burning. Once your skin is reddened, it’s very difficult to cover up. Of course, you should also avoid tanning beds (not just around your wedding day, but every day!) to protect your skin. You can still get a healthy glow by applying bronzer to your face and self-tanner to your body (or getting a spray tan, though be careful not to overdo it).

Be sure to blend your makeup well as the camera will pick up any lines or unevenness. Also, don’t forget to blend your makeup and bronzer down into your chest and neck area to avoid a noticeable difference in skin tone.


Get your grin camera-ready by prepping your lips along with your skin. Your pucker will retain its color better and more evenly if you first exfoliate with a lip scrub. Speaking of lips, be sure to go at least a shade darker than your normal hue to avoid appearing washed out in photos.

Preserving the Look

Once you have just the look you want, you’ll undoubtedly want to appear just as fresh and put-together all the way through the end of the night. Stash these in your handbag for quick touchups: blotting papers and concealer (to keep shine in check, even out skin tone, and cover up dark circles), an eyelash comb (for de-clumping tear-filled lashes), and extra bobby pins in case your ‘do begins to loosen.

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