If your idea of real-estate photography involves your iPhone or a point-and-shoot camera, you may want to rethink your strategy. As a real-estate agent, you have little opportunity to grab the attention of prospective buyers—mere seconds, in fact. Think about it. What do most people shopping for homes online do when they are looking at listings? They view the photos. That’s what makes people decide whether the property merits a closer look—from that thumbnail photo on the listings page. In just two seconds, they make a critical decision.

professional NJ real-estate photographyA professional NJ real-estate photographer can ensure those precious seconds count, so that your prospective homebuyers click through to view the listing in more detail, rather than moving on to the next one on their screens. Once they are there, keep their attention, pique their interest, and get them excited about your property by including more professional New Jersey real-estate photography.

What sets professional real-estate photography apart from the snaps you can take on your own? Why would you, as the real-estate agent, want to shell out the cash for one when you have a perfectly good camera of your own? Let’s review what makes paying for a pro out of your potential profits so worthwhile.

Setting the Scene

You advise your clients to boost curb appeal by adding fresh paint and pulling weeds. You counsel them on how to stage the interior of the home to appeal to a wide range of buyers. After all that effort and planning, how can you justify walking in with your own camera to take amateur images of all their hard work?  A professional real-estate photographer knows how to use lighting, shadow, angles, different lenses, focus, and props to evoke just the kind of scene and mood you’re hoping for. They know what time of day is best for shooting both indoor and outdoor photos, and how to move articles about the room to create a feeling of expanse, coziness, grandeur, charm—whatever you’re going for.

Focus on Features

Advise your pro of the home’s best features and selling points, and make him or her aware of the home’s negatives as well. Let the NJ real-estate photographer you choose to work with in on your selling strategy for the property, and keep an open mind, as your pro may have ideas of his or her own on the home’s most appealing attributes. A good real-estate photography professional will know exactly how to play up a property’s best characteristics while minimizing the more negative features that may turn off a buyer. Creating images that help prospective buyers envision themselves and their futures in the home—and makes them desperate to have what they envision—is exactly what a pro can do for you.

Sell Homes Faster—and for More Money

professional NJ real-estate photographerOf course, at the end of the day, your investment in a professional real-estate photographer should yield a reasonable return. So, here’s the best part: these properties are offloaded much more quickly and for more cash. A Redfin study found that properties that feature real-estate photography taken with DSLR cameras are up 18% more likely to sell within six months than homes that feature photos taken with point-and-shoot equipment. Across all price tiers, the study found that homes that feature professional real-estate photography sold more quickly than their point-and-shoot photo counterparts.

To boot, the study found that image quality had a direct correlation to the likelihood of a home selling at or above list price. Homes featuring professional-quality images were at 44% likelihood of selling at or above asking price, while homes with average-quality images had only 13% chance of selling at or above list price.

Okay, I know what you might be thinking. You’ll buy a DSLR camera and save a little cash. Consider this: I read somewhere that owning a pro-grade camera and calling your photos professional is akin to investing in a high-end Wolfe range and considering any food cooked on it to be professionally prepared. Or—to bring the point home—think about the vast difference between selling a home yourself or hiring a licensed Realtor to do it for you!

Post-Photo Processing

The post-shoot production process is just one more reason why professional New Jersey real-estate photography is so worthwhile. A skilled photographer can choose the best photos, then edit the images to showcase certain features or qualities, improve lighting, remove imperfections, and choose artistic enhancements that will cultivate the kinds of feelings you hope to evoke in prospective buyers.

While the cost to hire a pro varies by region and by the size of the property, the average cost of New Jersey real-estate photographer is just a tiny fraction of a percent of the list price of the home. With so many reasons to invest in a pro, it just makes good business sense!

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