As digital as our world has become, some things remain irreplaceable. The wedding album has proven to be such one timeless and cherished item. I’m reminded of this as we enter the month of December. Around this time each year is when we get the most of our album orders for the weddings that took place within the past year.
The wedding album is such a personal item, which is why we offer our clients personalized service from design to print. Most studios use pre-made templates and album design programs, but we design all of our albums from scratch, giving our clients complete control as to how they want their albums to look so that each is truly unique to the couple.
Our clients have the flexibility to be as involved as much–or as little–as they wish. Some clients will just send us their images while others will sit down with us and we choose all the images together. In either case, all of our albums are custom designed by Chelsea, who is a professional graphic designer with a photography background. Her expertise is seen in the beauty of each finished book, using design techniques to perfectly display and highlight retouched images along with custom blends and borders.
To suit the needs of our clients, we offer two styles of albums that are both created and assembled right here in New Jersey. Our books range in sizes from a 6×6 mini book up to 12×12 and 11×14. All of our albums feature layers that are custom color balanced and printed on photographic paper.
The first option is a hard cover photo book. Couples can choose to have a custom designed wrap around photo cover or a leatherette cover. This option is affordable and make a great album for couples to own as well as for giving as gifts to parents and family.
The second option is a deluxe book with a large variety of cover styles to choose from, such as leather, two tone leathers, acrylic, fabric, or even wood. These books are beautiful to display and give couples the opportunity to really personalize their wedding album to be as unique and special as they hold their wedding day.
A wedding album is a tangible reminder of a momentous event. As we prepare this season’s album orders, it’s a wonderful reminder for me of all the memories I captured for my clients this year.