One of our jobs as a wedding photographer is to thread together the various strands that make up the happy couples world. These “strands” can be as varied as the couple themselves – this is the photo journal of one couple Alex and Christi and how we pulled together these strands for them:

  • Both came from a farming community in Sussex County, NJ
  • The groom’s father was an avid car collector
  • The ceremony was at the First Presbyterian Church in Newton
  • The reception was at Lake Mohawk Country Club in Sparta

First we did some scene setting shots at the farm featuring the barns and Alex’s dad’s rosy red 1972 Chevelle SS.

The couple both got ready for the wedding at the farm in Sussex County and we did their “first look” photos by one of the barns. It was an easy extension for us to take some group and family photos on the farm and around the barns.


Alex drove the Chevelle to First Presbyterian where we were able to capture the ceremony from a number of different angles within the church. Capturing the splendor of the church within the context of the marriage ceremony is one of the aspects that we as wedding photographers enjoy the most.

The reception was held at the Lake Mohawk Country Club in Sparta. Lake Mohawk is one of our favorite venues (see our Wedding Venues for every kind of couple post) combining history, glamor and a great location. Lake Mohawk offers us the opportunity to take great indoor photographs plus dramatic outdoor shots on their famous boardwalk.

We really enjoyed working with Alex and Christi and we really think that their joy and happiness shines through from the photographs we took on their special day.

You probably have your own set of elements (or strands) that you want to include in your wedding portfolio – if you need help in figuring out how to bring them all together then give Craig Collins Photography a call today at 973-335-1505 or complete the contact form here.